Erica durance dating history

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“Towards the end of that, I ended up getting Smallville and that was it,” Welling told Buzz Feed News one recent Saturday afternoon at the Four Seasons in Beverly Hills. “From an emotional standpoint, I was basically cut off from everyone.” In order to emotionally endure and professionally thrive, he said, “I just put my head in a hole and I basically blocked everybody and everything out.”It was a coping mechanism that served him well during his years spent playing high school sports.

“Then I was in Vancouver for 10 years.” The reality of carrying a show on his (admittedly inexperienced) shoulders was much more than Welling ever could have anticipated. But what worked on the field, in retrospect, was exactly the wrong way to go about protecting himself on Smallville, Welling realized in retrospect.

She suffered from epilepsy and the medication she took caused weight gain and acne.

As a result, she was a “pariah” at the school and thought of herself as unattractive.

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The transformation gave her more confidence in her appearance and social life.But Welling’s job was made infinitely harder by the fact that it was also his first of that magnitude.Welling had come to Los Angeles at 23 to do commercials and modeling, but soon after his arrival in 2000, he earned a six-episode arc on the critically acclaimed CBS drama Judging Amy. That set felt a world away from his friends and family, scattered across America, and Welling had no idea how to handle it.But that mistake ended up informing his performance in an unexpected way.“There was a lot of growing up I needed to do on that show. D., Heroes Reborn, Gotham, Jessica Jones, and Daredevil currently dominating the landscape.“It's a compliment,” Welling said, thinking about the extensive superhero offerings on TV now.

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