Sex scene from lady charterly lover movie

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The Barbarian Invasions' Marina Hands stars as the title character, a British aristocrat who begins to escape a buttoned-down life as nursemaid and companion to her impotent, war-wounded husband when she spies shirtless gamekeeper Jean-Louis Coullo'ch washing up, and begins to make excuses to hang around him.

Initially passive and wonderstruck at his physical advances, she eventually commits wholeheartedly to both sex and love, much to her detriment in the final version of Lawrence's book, though here it mostly leads to some pining and a little weeping when she vacations without her lover.

actor James Norton also stars in the BBC's retelling of DH Lawrence's famous 20th century novel.

The team behind the drama have promised that it will be as raunchy as its source material, with producer Serena Cullen teasing that the sex scenes approach the limits of what can be shown on mainstream TV. Telling the story of an upper-class woman's affair with her gamekeeper, the book was only published uncensored in the UK in 1960, prompting a famous obscenity trial which Penguin Books won.

The one-off drama is due to air on BBC One in September.

Arguably the programme's most surprising and passionate scene has Lady Chatterley firmly at its centre.

Another scene, considered problematic for modern audiences, has been adapted to make Lady Chatterley a more active participant.

The book was found not to have breached the bill but six decades on is still notoriously one of the most explicit books of all time.

Lady Chatterley's Lover airs on BBC One on Sunday September 6 at 9pm.

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